Is the packaging recyclable?


Peel off the label (it’s very easy, don’t worry) and pop that in the recycling bin. The bag is also recyclable, but to make it as recylable as possible, cut out the valve and remove the resealable strip. Et voila! Your packaging has been recycled.

How do I store my coffee?

The 200g bags are absolutely fine for keeping your coffee fresh in, especially as it has the one-way valve in it. I would advise that you keep your coffee in a cool, dry place away from light. If you would rather store it in your own container, just make sure that it is airtight and bear in mind the ideal conditions I listed before.

How long does the coffee stay fresh for?

Contrary to common belief, coffee is a fresh food product and should be considered perishable. I believe that three months is the maximum time you should store coffee after its roast date, otherwise you will have stale, dull and terrible coffee. Just bear in mind that the flavours in your coffee evolve and change after time.

When is my coffee roasted?

The coffee is sometimes roasted to order, which would mean there can be a slight delay to you receiving your coffee. However, due to the fact that you want your coffee sooner rather than later, you may be receiving coffee either a week or younger. That’s not a bad thing though, as the flavours within a coffee develop over time after the roast date, so you would actually still be receiving a delicious bag of coffee even if it wasn’t roasted to order.

When will I get my coffee?

Standard delivery means postage takes 2-3 business days via Royal Mail, so I will strive to get your coffee bagged and sent on the day of your order providing it is available and the order is put in early enough. However, due to this only being a small business at the moment, your order may be delayed by needing to roast the coffee. I will let you know if this is the case.

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